Up on The Downs beyond Kingston

   A 2 hours plus, 4.5 mile walk on the Downs and back through fields from Kingston near Lewes, with views of the Ouse flood Plain, Newhaven and the sea. There is one steep climb (elevation 160m) and a couple of road crossings. There are some stiles with no sign of dog-friendly gates.

Drive or take a bus (no 123) to Kingston near Lewes then, in the old village near the Juggs pub, go up’ The Street’ , which is an old Lane alongside the Juggs. to the church.

1.Grid ref: TQ 38980 07980 N50.85458 W0.02686

Enter the footpath at the top end of ‘The Street’. Note the  (ahem) superbly layed hedge on you right as you enter the path.

2Grid ref: TQ 38800 07870 N50.85363 W0.02946

Almost immediately bear left up the steps. Carry on along this path right to the top. The path bears right near the top.

3Grid ref: TQ 38670 07520 N50.85052 W0.03144

Once at the main path at the top turn left joining the South Downs Way (SDW). Stroll along the substantial lane: at one point taking a quick right/left through a couple of gates. Note the inscribed seat here between the first gate and a stile. Stay with the SDW.

4 Grid ref: TQ 40360 05810 N50.83474 W0.00810

Leave the concrete where it turns off and walk straight on along a footpath going downhill.

5Grid ref: TQ 40748 05687 N50.83354 W0.00264

At the bottom of the hill turn left between a pair of gates to walk down the lane passing Northease Farm. Cross over the road and onto the footpath offset a little to the right.

6Grid ref: TQ 41171 06607 N50.84171 E0.00372

Almost immediately bear left over fields to Iford. Follow the footpath signs over stiles crossing the road through Iford twice. Carry on until you come to a lonesome signpost in the middle of a field.

7Grid ref: TQ 40360 07793 N50.85256 W0.00734

Turn left at the signpost and walk up to the road. Cross straight over to go up past Swanborough Manor. Shortly after bear right, onto the concrete, then turn right to find a gate leading to fields

8 Grid refTQ 39970 07830 N50.85299 W0.01286

Through the gate and the path will transport you back to Kingston. Turn left on the road to get to the Juggs.



Kingston  near Lewes Is an ancient parish. The church has 14 century componants and possibly earlier.

The Juggs. A pleasing old pub which sells decent food. Juggs

Swanborough Manor Is Grade 1 listed.

South Downs Way A long distance walk between Winchester and Eastbourne,

closely following the extent of the new South Downs National Park.


Not much else to comment on really. It's just about getting the wind in your hair.