Pleaching is the term used for the process of changing the angle of a tree or branch and weaving them in to create a hedge. Usually the intention is to shift the tree from the vertical to the almost horizontal. Here's one I sent the other way.

A 4x4 had accidently reversed down a bank, knocked down a metal fence and a substantial hedge. A small bank on which the hedge had been planted had been rotated through nearly 90 degrees and it wasn't a simple matter of pushing the trees back and propping them up. Earth moving equipment would have been needed.



It looked like the hedge would need to be cut down and replanted but some reverse pleaching to the underside of the trees, along with some cuttings next to the fence saved the day.


The 4x4 had to be towed out but escaped with just a single scratch to the paintwork and minor damage to the rear winscreen wiper.

 2016 - Unfortunately the images on this section went AWOL